Fresh Oil

Fresh Oil

  • No more hot oil burns or slipping due to oil spills
  • No more workers’ comp or insurance claims for those types of accidents.
  • No more cleanup of grill buckets or a transport shuttle.
  • No more danger from exiting the building to dispose of used cooking oil.
  • No more smell or mess from an old grease container.
  • Greater recycling value of used oil

The typical installation includes:

  • Fresh Cooking Oil Tank
  • Used Cooking Oil Tank
  • Electronic Control System with Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Fill Wand & Hose
  • Exterior Fill Box
  • Exterior Used Cooking Oil Evacuation Port

Custom Design & Installation

For those food service establishments in unique locations, older buildings or with unusually high oil volume requirements, we will design the best system possible for your restaurant operation. Learn more.

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