Handling Your Oil

Filtering Fryer Oil

Filtering your fryer oil adds life to the oil, removes stray food particles and sediment, and purifies the taste of your food. Mahoney® recommends filtering your fryer oil 2-5 times a day for optimum oil life and food flavor.

Direct Connection®

Direct Connection systems are designed to eliminate kitchen employees’ hands-on transportation of hot cooking oil. Simply flip a switch and see how easy it is to empty your fryer into your Direct Connection waste oil tank.

Transporting Oil with a Portable Filter Machine

If your Poly Tank is not directly connected to your fryer, you’ll need to use a portable filter machine (PFM) to transport waste oil from the fryer to the tank. Simply empty the fryer contents into the PFM, wheel it to your Poly Tank, connect the hose, and you’re ready to go.